Inventory & Inspection Management Platform

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Data Collection (Tablet App)

  • Paperless data entry using any tablet

  • NBI and Element data collection

  • No internet is required 

  • Inspection photos

Data Management (Desktop)

  • Schedule bridge inspections

  • Generate inspection reports

  • Review inspections electronically

  • Transfer inspection data to the BMS

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Link to App on the Google Play Store

NBI & Element

Collect NBI and Element data without the need of an inspection manual

  • Walk inspectors through data collection

  • Provide error checking for inspectors

  • Streamline review processes

Save Time
  • Quickly schedule bridges for inspection

  • Cut down inspection time in the field

  • Minimize manual data entry back in the office

  • Automatically generate inspection report

  • Provide access to bridge file and previous inspection data

  • Store conditions, photos, and comments in one organized place

  • Reference coding guides and inspection manual


For Inspectors

InspectX reliefs the burden of carrying manuals, camera and files out in the field. Inspection is complete paperless. The tablet  app is self-guided with manual references and error checks, improving accuracy of the inspection. Data collected is synced through the cloud, saving inspectors valuable time from data entry back in the office.

For Owners

InspectX streamlines the entire inspection workflow for owners. The software can monitor due dates and manage inspection schedules while minimizing inspection delays. It also serves as a central repository for all inspection data. Owners can effectively review and approve inspections electronically. Furthermore, the data collected can be exported to existing bridge management systems for further analysis.


1- Schedule Inspection

See upcoming and overdue inspections in the Schedule section. Select inspection type, assign inspection roles and schedule the inspection. (Batch scheduling is also an option)

2- Download Inspection Data to Tablet

Download the inventory and inspection data of the assigned inspection(s) to the inspectX app for offline inspection. 

3- Collect Data Using Tablet

Begin data collection with or without internet connection. Everything is done digitally on the tablet, including: assign condition, add defects, take photos, add comments, draw sketch, etc.  

4- Upload Inspection From Tablet to Server

Upload your inspection progress to the server when the internet is available.

No more manual data entry back in office is needed.

5- Generate Inspection Report

InspectX automatically organizes inspection data and photos collected during the inspection. Generate a complete inspection report with just a few clicks. 


If you have any questions about inspectX, schedule a demo or call us.

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