What programming languages should I know for the interview?

Any obeject-oriented language that you are comfortable with is fine.

How many interviews will be there?

We usually have three rounds of technical interviews and one round of behavioral interview. However, in rare cases, we might decide to conduct more interviews.

What is the format of each interview?

Currently, all interviews are conducted over the web using MS Teams. You are REQUIRED to have your webcam on. You will be asked to code in the language of your choice in a live programming environment. The interviewer will ask general questions to test your knowledge as well as coding questions that you have to code in the live programming environment. We record interviews for training purposes.

What topics/questions do you ask during the interview?

- Knowledge of data structure, algorithm, and object-oriented programming. ​- Knowledge of web-based programming and APIs. ​- Knowledge of Database. ​- Coding proficiency. ​- Networking related questions. - Object-oriented principles - Object-oriented system design.

How long will each interview take?

Interviews usually take about 60-90 minutes. The last technical interview can take up to 2 hours.

When will I learn about the results?

We will let you know about the result of each interview in about a week.

Can I apply again if I am rejected?

Yes, however, you have to wait for six (6) months to reapply.

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